Polymer Clay

Eight pieces of polymer clay, specifically, brooches. With two different designs based on the color and shape of the seaplant Padina Pavonica, which frequents the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and which have a use in cosmetics as an anti-aging product. On the one hand we have the design […]


Made from the leftover parts of previous projects these polymer clay plates of 14 and 10 cm diameter are a further example of the versatility and breadth of possibilities offered by this new technique based mainly on color.

Polymer Clay Plates

«Home, sweet home» is often said when the feeling of returning to that special place arises in us that comforts us and fills us with energy. That place where we can behave naturally and spontaneously, be ourselves and feel loved. The word `home´ has its origin in the Latin word […]

Home, sweet home

Love does not have a single form or color or way of being expressed in each moment; it is changing and evolving all the time. Like these loving canvases, which have been made with the love and passion of an inspiring momen

Loving canvases

Art is powerful. It has the ability to create totally unique and unrepeatable experiences. But if we add to these experiences a deep connection and a meaning, art becomes something transcendent that goes beyond. It becomes existence itself, here and now. Without a doubt, this thing that we bring you […]


Is a doubly inspired work:  1- Predominantly or mainly, we find the strong presence of an oceanic nature in the form of reefs and marine corals. Reef corals are considered one of the largest structures on Earth, and are believed to contain 25% of the planet’s biodiversity. They barely cover […]

Coraline jewelry

In very ancient times ceramic and pottery products came to have a higher value even than gold or silver. Not only for its usefulness, for some linked to the beginnings of agriculture and culinary art, but also for its artistic and distinctive value that made it a unique piece whose […]

Polymer ceramics

Color Palette is one of the most popular classes by Fabi. The selected spectrum of colors along with the combination under different designs make up this technique a special one because of the tremendous possibilities that it offers. As well as the colors and their slight tones have,the variation and […]

Color Palette Retro

Once again we see the wide range of possibilities offered by polymer clay, tremendously versatile material always ready to usefully assist our imagination and satisfy the relentless will to create of the artist; for it is able to bring to reality what at first was but a simple idea, a […]

Touch flower mini bindings

Nature floats between flowers and rocks, with wind and light that unite the ephemeral youth of the former with the sacred eternity of the latter.And it is these same ties that narrow the gap between the two in Touch Flower: Harmonic contrast between petrified life and moving life, life in […]

Touch Flower

Técnica inspirada en el mundo de la música desde la perspectiva de una persona sorda.

Silent Music

La naturaleza presenta muchas caras, al menos tantas como estaciones posee. En este caso. Natura Viva se encuentra inspirada en un atardecer otoñal de musgos húmedos y hojas secas de brillante luz dorada.

Natura Viva

Paleta de colores
Paleta de colores consiste en obtener una selección de colores de un continuum de colores análogos para crear un collage final con distintos motivos y diseños. Los colores escogidos han sido objeto de una cuidada selección con el objetivo de lograr arminía entre todos ellos, facilitando así su combinación.

Color Palette

Combina dos estilos diferentes, medieval y oriental, bajo una misma `luz antigua´ de estilo rústico y ajado.

Aged & Rustic

Diseños Zentangle junto a un estilo rústico que logran la combinación del elegante y armónico negro con patrones blancos junto a los tonos marrón oscuro y dorado, típicos de la tierra.