Fabiola Pérez Ajates, better known as Fabi, is a Spanish artist of polymer clay and mixed media, dedicated to the constant experimentation and teaching of her particular creative work.

Her entire life trajectory is linked to art in general, and particularly to interior design and drawing, studying the latter when she was young.
As far as polymer clay is concerned, Fabi started working with clay in 2009 in a completely self-taught way, although it was not until 2011 that she decided to dedicate himself professionally. Throughout all these years her work has grown through different facets until reaching the maturity of her own style through which she has achieved the maximum expression of herself.

Fabi’s style combines diverse concepts, all of them based on a close relationship that has a single leitmotiv transversal to all her work: The Nature.

From the most theoretical concepts that refer to the Organic, understood as that which is alive and in permanent expression and transformation. Or the Japanese Wabi Sabi and Kintsugi, the beauty of imperfection and the empowering effect of errors. More practical concepts related to the direct experimentation of the creative act, especially physical, that is, through the senses of sight (colors) and touch (manipulation). And with the state of fluency, that momentum that motivates us in itself and introduces us to such an extent in the action or task that we forget the passage of time and live the present in its fullness; experience that activates and relates the creativity and happiness of the individual.

Fabi shows that her art never completely exhausts the possibilities. It is a versatile art that feeds on an inexhaustible source and at the same time constitutes its main inspiration: Nature.

The enormous richness and variety of this shows an infinite capacity to evoke the same in a different and unique way each time, with its particular beauty. Does not art consist in creating something new and old at the same time that captures us, that captivates us by its special originality, by its characteristic attractiveness? Art provides us with a new and different perspective on our own existence, the same one that has been manifesting itself since the beginning of time and yet it never ceases to amaze us with its wonders.

Hence, Fabi’s art is an entity full of life and in constant evolution that according to the season puts more emphasis on a theoretical concept or on a technical aspect.

As she herself affirms, the possibilities are unlimited and the result is at the mercy of the imagination of the creator who seeks to materialize what at the beginning was nothing but a dream and, how are dreams fulfilled if not? Certainly through the creative act or art.

Fabi’s characteristic art has been particularly active around the world for the past five years. Through courses and events held on three different continents: Europe, Oceania and North America.

Its characteristic style marked by a cheerful and colourful tone typical of Spanish culture is today easily recognizable by any artist or practitioner of polymer clay in the world.